the Artist.

My name is Chris-Alade Zeaqraht, a versatile visual artist

As a versatile visual artist, I specialize in painting, photography, video, and audio media. My art is a reflection of my observations of the world around me and my interpretation of those observations. My work is multi-layered, and I employ a range of techniques and mediums to bring my ideas to life.

In my painting, I use a combination of traditional and contemporary techniques to create dynamic, layered works that invite the viewer to explore and discover. My paintings are often inspired by the natural world, but I also explore themes of identity, memory, and social justice.

My photography is influenced by my background in painting, and I approach it as a way of capturing the beauty and complexity of the world around us. I am drawn to landscapes and cityscapes, as well as the human form, and I use both traditional and digital techniques to create images that capture the essence of my subjects.

Video and audio media offer me a new dimension to explore, and I use these mediums to create immersive experiences that engage the viewer’s senses. I am interested in the intersection of sound, image, and movement, and I use these elements to create multimedia installations that explore themes such as memory, identity, and cultural exchange.

Overall, my art seeks to create a dialogue with the viewer, to invite them to explore the world through my eyes, and to consider the themes and ideas that are important to me. I believe that art has the power to connect people across cultures and generations, and I am committed to using my work to build bridges and foster understanding.