the Artist.

My name is Chris-Alade Zeaqraht, a multi-disciplinary artist

I am creatively interested in examining the inter-related patterns of identity, subconsciousness, possibilities, and improvisation and how it influences people and global culture. I am a multidiscipline artist working on various media, including painting, photography, digital art, sculpture and AV (Audio and Video).   

My work style cannot simply be confined to a specific artistic definition because I work across various lines of art genre. Sometimes, my work can be an impractical abstraction that borders on political or narrative expression. I use multiple mediums on multiple materials; new or used canvas, papers, and packaging cardboards or found objects that appropriately challenge or suit the subject that I set out to address in my work.  

Occasionally, I tend not to take myself seriously, thereby using irony and parody to investigate my subject, and I regularly leave my work to appear as an incomplete project, intentionally.  

I am more interested in the contents of the work and the impression it generates rather than in technique and aesthetic appeal. 

 I also work in a non-linear progression mode: embedding symbolic elements with minimum regard for the aesthetics effect of the artwork.  

My goal is not to achieve perfection in my work but to relentlessly reaching for it as I consider perfection an illusion and a limitation on creative development. Therefore, I have my artwork not too refined to let viewer’s imagination play a critical role in appreciating my work in a socio-cultural context.